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  • Aim - Drum Machines & VHS Dreams (ATICCD013/ATICDB013)
    April 28, 2014


    1. True To Hip-Hop (Remix) feat. AG
    2. Underground Crown Holders
    3. Phantasm
    4. Walking Home Through The Park
    5. Original Stuntmaster
    6. Fall Break
    7. Cold Water Music
    8. The Force feat. QNC
    9. Puget Sound
    10. Demonique
    11. Aberdeen
    12. Interview
    13. Just Passin' Through
    14. Loopdreams
  • Aim - True to Hip Hop Remix feat. AG of D.I.T.C. (ATIC016/ATIC016D)
    April 1, 2014


    1. True to Hip Hop Remix (feat. AG of D.I.T.C.)
    2. True to Hip Hop Remix Instrumental (vinyl only)


  • Various - Follow the Outline (ATICCD008/ATICDB008)
    Released JAN 2010


    1. Aim 'Corliss Avenue North'
    2. Gripper 'Zombie'(Crowhead remix)
    3. Gripper 'The Right to Know
    4. Paperboy 'Bigfoot'
    5. Death of the Neighbourhood 'Cokeholes' (Aim remix)
    6. Crowhead 'Tackle Lad'
    7. Death of the Neighbourhood 'The Beautiful Things We Dirtied Up'
    8. Aim 'Northwes' feat Niko (Gripper remix)
    9. Gripper 'El Ruedo'
    10. Gripper 'Styrofoam Head'
    11. Niko 'Womb'
    12. Death of the Neighbourhood 'Manhattan Floats Away
    13. Aim 'Before' feat. Q'N'C
  • Flight 602 (ATIC001/ATICCD001/ATICDB001)
    Released 2006


    1. Intro no. 3
    2. Walking Home Through the Park
    3. Northwest (feat. Niko)
    4. Puget Sound
    5. Pier 57
    6. Smile
    7. Landlord
    8. Aberdeen
    9. Birchwood
    10. Flight 602
    11. Interview
    12. It's later than you think
  • Birchwood EP (ATIC006/ATIC006CDS/ATIC006DB))
    Released 2007


    1. Aim 'Birchwood'
    2. Aim 'Corliss Avenue North'
    3. Aim 'Before…' feat QNC
    4. Aim 'Northwest' (Gripper Remix)
  • Aim - Cold Water Music (ATICCD003/ATICDB003)
    Re-released 2007 (1999)


    1. Intro
    2. Cold Water Music
    3. The Force feat. QNC
    4. Sail feat. Kate Rogers
    5. Downstate
    6. Ain't Got Time to Waste feat. YZ
    7. Fat City (Interlude)
    8. True to Hip Hop feat. AG
    9. Demonique
    10. A Tree, a Rock and a Cloud
    11. Journey to the End of the Night
    12. From Here to Fame feat. YZ
  • Aim - Hinterland (ATICCD004)(ATICDB004)
    Re-released 2007 (2002)


    1. Intro
    2. The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice feat. Kate Rogers
    3. What Do People Do All Day
    4. No Restriction feat. Souls Of Mischief
    5. Fall Break
    6. Guimar
    7. Good Disease feat. Stephen Jones
    8. The Omen feat. Diamond D
    9. Linctus
    10. Vipco
    11. A Twilight Zone
    12. From a Seaside Town
    13. Hinterland
  • Aim - Means of Production (ATICCD005/ATICDB005))
    Re-released 2007 (2003)


    1. Loopdreams
    2. Diggin Dizzy
    3. Let The Funk Ride
    4. Original Stuntmaster
    5. Concentrate
    6. Just Passin Through
    7. Soul Dive (All City Mix)
    8. Phantasm
    9. Coast Road
    10. Demonique
  • Puget Sound (ATIC003)
    Released 2006


         A. Puget Sound
         B. Pier 57


  • Flight 602 Sampler (ATIC004P)
    Released 2006


        A1. Flight 602

        A2. Birchwood


        B2. Smile

  • Various - ATIC Sampler Vol. 1 (ATIC001)
    Released 2005

    Track Listing

    1. Aim 'Smile'
    2. Gripper 'El Ruedo'
    3. Niko 'Womb'
    4. Paperboy 'Bigfoot'


Andy Turner (Aim) grew up in the small coastal town of Barrow-in-Furness, England. A child of the 70's, he sought escape through a combination of obscure video nasties, US TV classics like Quincy and Starsky & Hutch, and through bands like Adam And The Ants and Tubeway Army. Later came The Smiths and The Wedding Present and before long Andy was playing drums and writing songs for his band The Chelsea Flower Show.

During the late 80's / early 90's, Andy was drawn to underground clubs and warehouse raves where he was in awe of tracks like Psychotropic's 'Hypnosis' and Unique 3's 'The Theme'. He soon ditched his drum-sticks for decks and started out as a DJ, making regular trips to Manchester's Eastern Bloc and Spin Inn Records, and putting on basement parties in his home town. In 1990 he opened Speed Limit Records, his own vinyl only specialist record store, selling up-front UK white labels and US & European imports to DJ's from across the north-west.

Through Speed Limit distribution contacts Andy had access to just about any record released at the time. Fatefully, this was hip-hop's 'golden age' and week after week he would be sent boxes full of life-changing hip-hop LP's and 12"s by the likes of Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, Diamond D, Souls of Mischief and Main Source. Inspired by these masterpieces, Andy bought a Commodore Amiga and started making beats.

A demo found it's way to Manchester's Grand Central Records who signed him immediately. During his 8 years with the label he released the acclaimed albums 'Cold Water Music', 'Hinterland' and 'Means of Production', along with a number of sought after 12"s including the 'Pacific North West EP' and the 'Loop Dreams Remix EP'.

In 2004 Andy left Grand Central and, along with Niko and ex GC label manager Iain Cooke, set up ATIC Records. He released the fourth Aim album 'Flight 602' in 2006 and toured extensively with his live band, selling out Shepherd's Bush Empire and smashing Glastonbury along the way. 'Flight 602' cemented Aim's reputation as one of the UK's leading underground artists, achieving a kind of cult following, whilst straddling the impossible void between creative independence and inescapability.

For the last few years Aim has been hard at it in the studio preparing his next round of releases beginning with the very first 'Best of Aim' compilation 'Drum Machines & Vhs Dreams' which includes an all-new remix of his classic hip-hop track 'True to Hip-Hop feat. AG. Following that will be his long-awaited full length album collaboration with Q-Ball & Curt Cazal and an all-new solo album.

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