ATIC Records - DOTN REDUX - Dear Song In My Head Review

DOTN REDUX - Dear Song In My Head Review


After releasing the 2-disc, 32-track Self-Titled debut, Death Of The Neighbourhood, and record label ATIC Records decided to slim things down by releasing DOTN Redux, a collection of remastered songs picked from DOTN’s earlier releases along with 4 new songs. The collection is a beautiful mix of ambient textures, indie hip-hop beats, and haunting vocals all presented in a wide-lens cinematic scope.

Stephen Jones, formerly of Babybird, the UK group known for their 1996 hit, You’re Gorgeous, finds himself exploring simple lyrical themes that, in his unique frail falsetto, take on a very dark and introspective quality, which, when paired with the lush atmospheric music, creates an incredibly interesting dichotomy. The album, then, seems to become focused on how the banality of the lyrics, and subsequently the singer himself, gets lost in the texture of the music. The whole album takes on a certain kind of sad nostalgia and regret, which is highlighted by the use of the Norman Rockwell painting as the cover.

The album is available as a Limited Edition Deluxe-Digipak CD or Mp3 download via ATIC Records.

Thank you Dear Song In My Head for this fantastic review!