ATIC - Aim - Hinterland (CD)


Aim - Hinterland (CD)

Aim - Hinterland (CD)



Long awaited rerelease of the follow up to the iconic 'Cold Water Music', 'Hinterland' gave Aim the kind of critical mass cult following most seldom manage to attain. The release on ATIC also features exclusive bonus tracks, Mag, Peru and Nightlife feat. Substantial. Available on CD and MP3.

1. Intro

2. Girl Who Fell Through The Ice (Feat. Kate Rogers)

3. What Do People Do All Day

4. No Restrictions (Feat. Souls Of Mischief)

5. Fall Break

6. Guimar

7. Good Disease (Feat. Stephen Jones)

8. The Omen (Feat. Diamond D)

9. Linctus

10. Vipco

11. A Twilight Zone

12. From A Seaside Town

13. Hinterland

14. Mag

15. Peru

16. Nightlife (Feat. Substantial)