The year is irrelevant…

Musical pioneers Aim & Mikey D.O.N. join forces as MAIDM and ATIC Records proudly presents the first fruits of this miraculous merger. Served on tasty 10” grape juice vinyl, MAIDM’s opening statement boasts two hard hitting hip-hop home-runs, Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger) and B-Boy Shit.

Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger) is an earth-quaking, bass-speaker-shaking introduction to how nice they are. A beatific blend of head down hip hop and funky, floor-filling accessibility, Tun Up… embodies MAIDM and it’s precision manifesto.

Flip to the flip side for second track B-Boy Shit, a track that eschews concession to commerce and takes no prisoners through minimalistic murk and hyper-aggressive vocals. Long forgotten legends are name-checked, old scores are settled, the dirty break-beat rolls on and hip-hop gains a fresh new anthem.

MAIDM – Imagine the possibilities…

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Maidm – B-boy Shit (Live)

Maidm – Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger) Live