Death of the Neighbourhood


Death of the Neighbourhood is Stephen Jones (ex-Babybird), a prolific and gifted songwriter and musician who since 1995 has released thirteen albums. As a writer he’s penned three published novels and a recent auto-biography, ‘Amplified Silence’. Stephen is constantly making music, un-compromised by abstract label demands and often without regard to any particular project or record. He’s amassed a huge library of un-released Death of the Neighbourhood material, much of which will see the light of day via ATIC Records in 2013.

DOTN REDUX is out now. This is a brand new fully re-imagined album taking the sweetest tracks from the first Death of the Neighbourhood album and blending them with a selection of spine tingling new material.

God’s Not Coming’ sets the scene perfectly with it’s combination of dark theme, fragile, sugar-coated delivery and overdriven drums. Like the other songs culled from Death of the Neighbourhood (‘Forgot To Take My Drugs’, ‘I Love My TV’ ‘Dumb Down’ ‘Lost Youth Pt II’ and ‘Bruised Brain’), itʼs re-contextualized within DOTN REDUX, taking on striking new depth. New tracks ‘And The Children Sang A Song That Never Ended’, ‘Elvis Is Coming’, ʼKill What You Love’ and ‘The Big Yellow M’ are simple and melodic yet charged with such pure, intense emotion they make us want to cry. Too much? Just listen…

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Death of the Neighbourhood – ‘Dumb Down’

Death Of The Neighbourhood – Cokeholes