Aim – Cold Water Music


The long awaited re-release of the Aim classic debut album ‘Cold Water Music’ featuring exclusive bonus tracks, Another Summer and Underground Crown Holders. Available on CD & digital.

“Aim’s Cold Water Music is a jazzy, beat-heavy project that’s just a few steps removed from straight-ahead hip-hop… props for drafting three excellent rappers — Q’n’C, YZ, and AG… resulting in several tracks that evoke the heyday of rap’s Golden Age, but are also tough enough to survive even on modern mainstream rap radio”All Music

  Cold Water Music
  The Force
  Ain’t Got Time to Waste
  Fat City Interlude
  True to Hip-Hop
  A Tree a Rock and a Cloud
  Journey to the End of the Night
  From Here to Fame
  Another Summer
  Underground Crown Holders

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