ATIC vinyl mascot slipmat


These professional grade slipmats for turntablists, DJ’s and vinyl lovers are created from medium density felt and weigh in at 16oz, which is the industry standard. Our slipmats are glazed on the bottom side giving them some extra slip, and they are firm to touch without being too rigid. They are great for mixing and scratching standard records or timecoded vinyl. All of our slipmats are limited, this version features the superfly ATIC vinyl mascot, having a stroll and smoking a blunt. The print itself is dyed deep into the slipmat fabric using the latest sublimation printing technology.  Soft and slippy, not only does the slipmat look good, technically they perform outstanding too, no matter what mix style you’re developing.

For a limited time all slipmat purchases include a FREE mp3 download of ANY ATIC album of your choice! Simply state which album you would like in your order notes and we’ll let you stick them in your ATIC account. *please note: you must create an account when you check out so we can get your MP3s to you.


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