Niko – The Palace Discotheque


Playing shows and clubbing in New York was an experience but It was often the journey home where things got really interesting. The streets and trains had an electric energy but it could also feel edgy at times, you had to be on your toes.”  Niko

The Palace Discotheque is the second single from Niko’s forthcoming new album Electric Union. Upping the tempo and getting all ‘electronic’ the track is built on a foundation of pulsing bass and Linn Drum-ish beats with layers of intricate micro melodies and synthetic vocals.

Produced by and written with long-time partner in crime Aim (Cold Water Music, Hinterland) The Palace Discotheque has echoes of early Tubeway Army, a perennial influence on the Barrow-based beat maker that combine with Niko’s abstract pop sensibilities to create a heady, neon cocktail.

The Palace Discotheque

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