DOTN – Redux


2008’s eponymous debut album by Death of the Neighbourhood was a 32 track epic with a sonic span ranging from the most delicate to the most horrifyingly disturbed and distorted. It was a TRIP and a critically acclaimed work of art, but we always felt there was a more ‘traditional’ album in there somewhere, an album with a natural arc that could be consumed in one glorious sitting…

So we took the sweetest tracks from the first Death of the Neighbourhood album, blended them with a selection of spine-tingling new material and created DOTN REDUX. This isn’t a compilation or re-release, it’s a fully re-imagined album in and of itself, where old tracks sound fresh and new tracks feel like old friends.


  Gods not Coming
  Elvis is Coming
  Kill What you Love
  Forgot to Take my Drugs
  I Love my TV
  And the Children Sang a Song That Never Ended
  Lost Youth Part II
  Dumb Down
  Bruised Brain
  The Big Yellow M
  Manhattan Floats Away