DOTN – Death of the Neighbourhood


The self titled Death of the Neighbourhood album from the prolific songwriter Stephen Jones aka Babybird. A stunning 32 tracks of fucked up vocal distortion, tear-to-the-eye ballads and evocative string laden instrumentals. Death of the Neighbourhood is a two chord manic maniac messianic monster throttling death by the neck before giving it the kiss of life and making MUSIC, “the most beautiful fucking thing in the goddamn world”. Lovingly packaged in a glossy double digi-pack.

“An album of awesome beauty and freakishness” – Subba Cultch

“A beguiling blend of dusty Americana, alternative hip-hop and leftfield electronica…” – The Crack

“Beuatiful and disturbing in equal measures” – Cmu

“A provocative, fierce and disorienting record…at times awash with cinematic beauty, at turns a heightened blitz of face rupturing noise” – Clash Magazine

“There’s a classic pop approach in there…somewhere…all skuzzed up and toyed with. I dig this LP…Repeat listens are required for sure” -Electric Roulette

“It’s aninspiration to see that Stephen Jones hasn’t been eaten up by the music machine and is still out there making brilliant relevant urgent music…A record that needs to be heard to be believed” – Geek Pie

“One of Britains most gifted songwriters” – Music OHM


Disc 1

  Death of the Neighbourhood
  Fuck the Radio Whup Whup
  Released to Early
  Call Girl
  Bruised Brain
  I am the Pophead
  Radio Gas
  Yellow Hills
  Forgot to take my drugs
  I Love my TV
  Dumb Down
  The Murdring Started Early
  Gods Not Coming
  Relax Stupid
  Unwell but Happy

Disc 2

  The Town of Half Finished Buildings
  Crucifix Surfboard
  Devil Heart America
  Petrified in the Hills Above the Cemetery
  Siberian Refrigerator
  The Oil Tankers Bell
  Train Derails on the way to a Happy Place
  Blind Girls Broken Music Box
  Lost Yourth Pt II
  Enough Tranquilizers for a Horse
  Piano Wire Scarf
  Fake Gold Sunday
  A Cool Breeze on the Back of the Neck
  Wish I’d Been Born a Baby
  Club Foot Harp Player