Top 10 B-boy tracks selected by Mikey D.O.N. of MAIDM Part 2

Mikey D.O.N.’s Top Ten Blockbuster B-Boy Anthems (Part 2)

We’re back at it with Maidm‘s Mikey D.O.N. for Part 2 of his All-Time Top Ten B-Boy Blockbusters! Check the cuts that fired the imagination of a young Mikey D.O.N. and inspired his incendiary vocal on Maidm‘s gritty B-side banger B-Boy Shit. ATIC Records is proud to present Part 2 of Mikey’s All-Time Top Ten B-Boy Blockbusters. Catch a groove and grab your copy of Maidm‘s debut single Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger) b/w B-Boy Shit on limited edition 10″ grape juice vinyl NOW!!!


6. Boogie Down Bronx – Man Parrish

Another true B Boy classsiicckk. Once again, from when the bassline drops…you’re breakin and/or poppin’…or rapping along. You had to make sure your Puma States (or my Hi Tec Tecs!) with your custom fat laces were in check when you danced to this. Man Parrish and “Kool John Ski from the Freeze Force Crew” on TOP form.


7. E T Boogie – Extra T’s

Heard this track for the very first time on Radio Luxembourg when it dropped and instantly loved it. Didn’t know the music was even called Electro those days, but the E.T. film was the biggest thing on the screen and this tune to me was bigger than that. The programming, the handclaps, the bassline…all adds up to an absolute essential killer track and one of the best ever tracks from the early 80’s.


8. Fresh, Fly, Wild & Bold – Cold Crush Brothers

Once again, I first heard this on John Peel’s show, and I was playing it over and over again on the cassette I recorded it on. Along with other killers like Funky Four + 1 ‘The Joint’, or ‘Its The Beat’ by Hollis Crew, this was my tuuuune. Loved it. The rapping on this tune was out there. Not many was competing with Cold Crush. My fave rap group from back in the day hands down. Took me aaaages to finally get this 12″, but like all the others, its got its secured place in my record collection. Needless to say I was a happy chappy when I finally got to meet Grand Master Caz in the flesh.


9. Wildstyle Soundtrack – Various

Honestly, I could write a book about this one here. I could say sooooo much, but I’ll try and sum it up. To me (and probably every REAL B Boy/Hip Hop fan out there), this is just SOOOO much THE essence and most essential piece of Hip Hop HISTORY that there has ever been. Every bit of this film is straight DOPE! The graffiti, the garms they’re wearing, even down to the acting – this is HIP HOP in its purest form. All this and I haven’t even mentioned the music. This is the BIBLE with no shadow of a doubt. Fantastic Freaks, Cold Crush Brothers, Double Trouble, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Master DST, Rammellzee….to the dopest graff artists around at the time, to THE BEST EVER piece of funk/breakbeat/dopeness to cut up and rap over courtesy of Blondie’s Chris Stein….JEEEEEEEZ!!!! No, I mean JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!! Honestly, if you don’t know this film and its importance, then you might as well be dead – or not even bother saying you’re down with Hip Hop. Simple as that.


10. Sucker MCs – Run DMC

Sheer B Boy classic. Killer beat. Killer rhymes. Absolute pace setter for Hip Hop and rap music and to this day its still a beast of a track. Absolutely timeless. Hip hop’s most essential trio by the longest shot. I rest my case.