Top 10 B-boy tracks selected by Mikey D.O.N. of MAIDM

Mikey D.O.N.’s Top Ten Blockbuster B-Boy Anthems (Part 1)

To celebrate the release of their long-awaited debut single we caught up with Mikey D.O.N., one half of Maidm, to find out what tracks inspired the gritty B-side banger B-Boy Shit. So without further ado, we present Part 1 of Mikey D.O.N.’s Top Ten Blockbuster B-Boy Anthems. Kick back, savour the flavour and be sure to grab a copy of Maidm‘s debut single Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger) b/w B-Boy Shit on limited edition 10″ grape juice vinyl.


1. Breakers Revenge – Arthur Baker

From the first time ever hearing this to the last time, it always has to take my mind to the classic battle between B Boys Rock Steady Crew and New York City Breakers in the classic Beat Street film. Such an absolute momentous moment for hip hop in general. What a track…and what a battle. Nuff said!


2. Two, Three, Break – B-Boys

I’m not sure if the first time I heard this was on John Peel’s show or was on Electro 2. I think it was the previous. Either way, this track has never dropped a single level since first hearing it. With Chuck Chill Out on the scratch, this is an absolute classic B Boy jam on every level.


3. Cold Getting Dumb – Just Ice

Mantronix beat with Just Ice on the rap. What else can you say? An absolute monster of a track. Nobody and I mean nobody had the skillz of Kurtis back in the day. How he managed to come with the sound, not to mention his craaazy programming techniques were beyond anyone’s vision or level. Original, groundbreaking and untouchable to this very day. You can’t listen to this track without getting your ‘screw face’ on. Bloody brilliance.


4. Do The James – Super Lover C and Casanova Rud

Loved this tune from first hearing it on Stu Allan’s Buss Dis show when it dropped in 1987. Wanted to get it but couldn’t afford to buy 12″s as I was buying funk 7″s as well as 7″ pre-releases outta Jamaica. This is now firmly in the collection. One of the first tunes I recall using the classic ‘Impeach The President’ drum break, not to mention James Brown’s ‘Blues & Pants’. Classic rap. Super ill track.


5. Jam On It – Newcleus

A true B Boy earth quakin’, speaker shakin’ classsiicckk. From when the bassline drops….you’re either breakin and/or poppin’. One thing for sure is you ain’t standing still. Need I say more?