Aim – Means of Production


ATIC re-release of the classic compilation of early Aim 12″s, originally released between 1995 and 1998.

“For several years before he debuted with the acclaimed full-length Cold Water Music, Aim’s Andy Turner was producing hip-hop instrumentals of a surprisingly high quality — especially so for the times. During an era when bedsit trip-hop often resulted in simplistic, superficial joints… Aim tracks focused American rap — from jazzy to hardcore to old-school — into a laser beam of breakbeat music that was hard-hitting and infectious but still intelligent. Means of Production recycles ten tracks of his 1995-98 best for Grand Central… Turner does have a whiff of the chemist to him, precisely measuring out his samples — golden-age rapper, soul shouter, funky guitar line, jazzy keys — and so coming up with another jamming track… Most importantly of all, these productions show Turner’s mastery at making distinctive productions, like the mad-scientist-sampling horrorcore of “Demonique” or the sunny guitar pop of “Original Stuntmaster,” which features extended samples from an Evil Knievel Q&A session (with kids!). Also ranking up there is “Phantasm,” which merges a hard-bopping Hammond B-3 with transcendent strings evoking Derrick May’s techno landmark “Strings of Life.” During the years when many British trip-hop producers were just beginning to explore cut-and-paste hip-hop, Turner had nearly perfected it.” – John Bush for All Music


  Diggin Dizzy
  Let the Funk Ride
  Original Stuntmaster
  Just Passin Through
  Soul Dive (All City Mix)
  Coast Road


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