Aim – Drum Machines & VHS Dreams


Drum Machines & VHS Dreams is the very first ‘Best of Aim’ collection. Featuring fourteen tracks hand-picked by the man himself, including favourites like ‘Cold water Music’, ‘Just passing Through’, the Driller Killer sampling ‘Puget Sound’ and ‘The Force’ featuring QNC, the album opens with an all-new remix of his hip-hop classic ‘True To Hip-Hop’ featuring AG. Transformed into a relentlessly energetic, synth and dirty sax-fuelled club banger, it’s the perfect bridge between Aim’s production past, present and future.

Drum Machines & VHS Dreams is a celebration. Intelligent, cinematic and eclectic, filled with jazzy twists, breaks, and samples that together create an intensely rich panorama of sound. If you’ve never heard these tracks before you’re in for an awakening… if you have, prepare to be blown away all over again!

Mixmag‘Drum Machines & VHS Dreams is a timeless retrospective of his best beats… reminding us of the haunting crisp aesthetics and cinematic breaks and samples that defined an era’


  True to Hip-Hop (Remix) feat. AG
  Underground Crown Holders
  Walking Home Through the Park
  Original Stuntmaster
  Fall Break
  Cold Water Music
  The Force feat. QNC
  Puget Sound
  Just Passing Through

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